Director eng. Cavallo

Research, development and technological innovation are an essential tool for GruppoIngegneriaTorino to overcome future challenges in all areas of interest. The Group is continuing to expand and develop its resources by providing our customers the most innovative solutions.

The Group counts among its members university-level scientific advisors, teachers and researchers of the Polytechnic of Turin and CNR, thanks to whom many job trainings, studies and dissertations in different areas initiate.

The summary of our efforts are concentrated in publications, journals and conferences in the national and international scientific field.

Ongoing Activities: (work in progress)

We are currently operating in the following areas:

  • Seismic and soil-structure interaction of different types of dams
  • 2D fluvial hydraulic modeling
  • Control and data transmission from construction sites
  • Bioengineering techniques applicable in Africa


IdroPrev operates in the fields of hydraulic engineering, meteorology, computer science and physics. The main goal is creating, developing and delivering different types of services in order to foresee the future of hydrological conditions. The services are based on the integration of meteorological data with hydrological algorithms operating at different levels of automation and allows asset managers and traders to plan with greater attention.



Some cases

  • Three-dimensional analysis of dam Ceresole Reale (December 2013)
  • Feasibility study for the construction of lamination tanks over the Versa river for the mitigation of hydraulic hazard (February 2014)
  • Study of the stability of a slope in the area of Calabar in Nigeria (November 2013)

Three-dimensional analysis of dam Ceresole Reale (December 2013)