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The many years of experience in this sector and deep knowledge of hydrological processes, particularly rainfall-runoff, allow the Gruppo Ingegneria Torino S.r.l. to implement effective numerical modeling simulation.

Being active in the field of urban sewage and hydraulics, the Group assists managers in planning interventions by examining in depth different aspects of investment in the territory to its full achievement.



Urban Hydraulics:
- Sewage network
- Sewage water treatment plants with traditional and innovative techniques
- Potable water networks
- First-flush water treatment plants
- Emergency Management Plans
Dams and Weirs:
- Interventions for structural improvements, maintenance and preservation of concrete dams;
- Adaptation and / or integration of foundation systems (screens waterproofing and drainage of foundations);
- Creation, maintenance and adaptation of the works of discharge (surface and pressure);
- Development of monitoring systems for remote monitoring, automation systems of government;
- Processing and interpretation of instrumental measurements;
- Creation of works of accommodation, protection and stabilization of slopes and banks;
- Managing relationships with institutional authorities to watch for authorization aspects;
- Development of studies and analysis on the structural behavior of dams;
- Analysis of the processes of filtration and underpressure affecting foundations
Large infrastructures:
- water management platform
- interference with surface water and aquifers.


Thanks to the contribution of the IDROPREV, the Group is able to implement hydrological models which can provide the amount of rainfall expected over the next 7 days and to predict the potential impact on the area.

Some cases

Utilizzo plurimo delle acque reflue depurate dagli impianti CORDAR tramite la realizzazione di invasi a valle degli stessi 
CORDAR S.p.a. 

Idraulica del tratto di attraversamento appenninico tra Sasso Marconi e Barberino del Mugello, Autostrada A1 Milano - Napoli (V Lotto) 
MAIRE Engineering

Navigabilità del Fiume Toce dal Lago Maggiore a Vogogna 
Distretto Turistico dei Laghi

We worked for..

Integrated water cycle Managers, GAVIO Group, ASTALDI SpA, SICOS Srl, Iren SpA (formerly IRIS ENERGY, former Azienda Energetica Municipale di Torino)

ENEL PRODUCTION S.p.A., Union, S.A.T.A.P. SpA for the highway Torino-Piacenza SpA HIGHWAYS, ANAS SpA - Compartment for the viability of the Piedmont, ITALIAN RAIL NETWORK - Directorate of Turin Compartmental ROPI, ITALIAN RAIL NETWORK - RFI Rome - Infrastructure Division - Investments Civil Engineering - Traffic Corps, headquartered in Rome

Asti-Cuneo SpA, public agencies at different levels of Regional, Provincial and Municipal planning.