Resp. geol. Sartini & eng. Menardi

Gruppo Ingegneria Torino S.r.l. offers innovative solutions to identify and resolve the main problems that characterize the sites object to planning and construction of civil and environmental infrastructures.

Taking advantage of the use of modern scientific and technical tools, the Group carries out complex 2D and 3D modeling works.

The services offered include:

  • – Risk identification and their solution
  • – Simulation models of slope stability
  • – design of the containment works of excavation
  • – provisional and definitive consolidation of land even in fractured media
  • – Design of reinforced soil retaining walls and slopes
  • – Geological and geotechnical monitoring


The Group counts among its members scientific advisors, university researchers and professors such as: Monica Barbero (Geotechnics, Polytechnic of Turin), Corrado Fidelibus (Geomechanics, CNR) and Fabrizio Barpi (Construction Science, Polytechnic of Turin).



- Geological survey
- Geological, geo-morphological, structural mapping 
- Structural-geological surveys for the geomechanical characterization of rock masses  
- Cartography and data base to support feasibility studies 
- Profiles and geological sections at work 
- Geological problems of the project  
- The impact of the projects on the geological environment
- Geological risk


- Hydrogeological survey  
- Planning and management of campaigns, surveys and investigations  
- Execution of in situ tests (permeability, wells, etc...). 
- Physico-chemical characterization of groundwater
- Modeling of aquifers and resource assessment
- Hydrogeological balance
- Monitoring of groundwater, springs, etc..
- Contamination risk of aquifers
- Fluid storage in the subsurface

Mechanical & Rocks Engineering:

- Laboratory tests and in site tests, in particular: the behavior of the discontinuity and rock mass tests on soft rocks 
- Classification and characterization of rock mass
- Rock mass-structure interaction for underground tunnels, roads, dams, open pit mines 
- Stability of slopes in soil and rock
- Analysis of subsidence following the extraction of fluids in the subsurface

Underground cavities and tunnels engineering:

- Highways, hydraulic and mining tunnels,  in the rock and in the soils with high hedges 
- Tunnels and in particular with regard to methods of consolidation and stabilization of the   cable
- Tunnels and underground cavities in soft rocks, soils and prompting swelling
- Reinforcement methods and stabilization of rock masses
- Mechanized excavation


Gruppo Ingegneria Torino S.r.l. si pregia della partnership della società GDP consultants – EngineeringGeology.

Some cases

Artificial tunnel for the protection of the SS Dir 26 problems of falling rocks. LaSaxe Courmayeur.
- Geological report of the executive design

Conversion of the gold mine in Fenillaz Brusson (AO) in the mining museum
Comune di Brusson 

Geotechnical monitoring and geological reporting of executive project. Toyota  car showroom Chieri (TO).

Safety of the SS26 Dir in the stretch between the motorway in the municipality of Quart (AO) and the east border of the regional capital.

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