Resp. eng. Bretti

In collaboration with Studio Associato IDRA, Gruppo Ingegneria Torino S.r.l. offers a number of services in this area ranging from consultancy to design, supply and rental of equipment for environmental applications.

In particular the Group is responsible for:

  • – contaminated sites remediation
  • – dumps
  • – plants
  • – asbestos


Contaminated sites:
-drafting of the documents provided by law: characterization plan, risk analysis, project operating or remediation of safety;
- execution of surveys, sampling and analysis;
- site assistance for investigations, pilot trials, execution of remediation;
- support the management of the Article. 242 Legislative Decree no. 152/06;
- management of remediation on behalf of companies registered in Category 9;

Landfill sites:
- design;
- water balance;
- study and modeling of the dispersion of contaminants in groundwater
- execution of monitoring, sampling and analysis;
- periodic reports;
- construction supervision and inspection;

- design and construction of pilot plants related to: remediation of contaminated sites, emissions treatment, wastewater treatment, etc..; 
- design, construction and rental of systems for specific applications according to customer requirements;
- hire of plant and equipment:
    - Mobile systems for land reclamation in situ (soil vapor extraction, bioventing, etc..)
    - Rental of mobile vehicles for environmental monitoring and analysis in situ;

- monitoring
- work plans
- consulting


Environmental monitoring carried out in collaboration with a laboratory partner Accredia certified.

Some cases

Discarica di rifiuti industriali di Verzuolo (CN):
- Analisi di rischio sanitario
- Modello idrogeologico della falda
BURGO Group S.p.A

Stabilimento di Torino:
- Analisi di rischio ex d.lgs. 152/06
- Progetto operativo di bonifica ex d.lgs. 152/06
CLARIANT Prodotti (Italia) S.p.A.

Stabilimento di Saluggia (VC):
- Progetto di sistemi per l’abbattimento del cloro nelle emissioni aeriformi

Ex sottostazione elettrica – Stabilimento di Villadossola (VB):
- Analisi di rischio ex d.lgs. 152/06
Ex stabilimento di laminazione di Villadossola (VB):
- Analisi di rischio ex d.lgs. 152/06

Deposito automezzi di Venaria Reale (TO):
- Piano di caratterizzazione ex d.lgs. 152/06
- Analisi di rischio ex d.lgs. 152/06
- Progetto operativo di bonifica ex d.lgs. 152/06
- Prove pilota di SoilVaporExtraction (SVE): progettazione
- esecuzione ed interpretazione
Gruppo Torinese Trasporti GTT S.p.A.

Discarica di rifiuti industriali di Germagnano (TO):
- Piano di adeguamento ex d.lgs. 36/03
SABER Santa Lida s.r.l. (Gruppo SABER - India)

We worked for...

BURGO Group S.p.A., CLARIANT Prodotti (Italia) S.p.A., DIASORIN S.p.A., FERRIERA SIDER SCAL S.p.A. (Gruppo BELTRAME), Gruppo Torinese Trasporti GTT S.p.A., SABER Santa Lida s.r.l. (Gruppo SABER - India).